Application Process

There are 3 types of volunteers on our team: Rescuer, Adjunct Rescuer, and Associate


If you are interested in becoming a Rescuer or Adjunct Rescuer you are an Applicant.  Your next step is to become a Candidate.  That is followed by becoming a Rescuer.


Applicant to Candidate (1 thru 3 happen in parallel, then 4, then 5)(Process takes 2 to 6 months)

  1. Attend at least 15 BES events (meetings or trainings) over at least 2 months.​

    1. COME TO EVENTS!!!!! The recommendation is to come to a few events prior to completing the application. (Events  = Meetings, online trainings, in-person trainings, anything on the calendar)

    2. Calendar Link HERE.  Some events are in-person and start at our HQ. Some events are online  ​

  2. Complete the application

  3. Complete a background check started by BES

  4. Complete an interview with BES

  5. BES members vote at the monthly business meeting to move you from Applicant to Candidate


Candidate to Rescuer (1 thru 4 happen in parallel, then 5, then 6)(Process takes 6 to 24 months)

  1. Complete ICS trainings (100, 200, 700, 800)

  2. Attend Candidate Academy (offered at least once a year)

  3. Complete 10 rescue calls 

  4. Attend trainings and meetings

  5. Complete an interview with BES

  6. BES members vote at the monthly business meeting to move you from Candidate to Rescuer


Similar to rescuer except for a few changes to the number of rescue calls and the types of trainings you attend.


Sames as a rescuer for Applicant to Candidate, but instead it is Applicant to Associate

Types of Members

Search and Rescue

Rescue members are the main body of individuals who are operational members. Rescuers train for and respond to emergency and non-emergency incidents. Rescuers have voting privileges on all business matters.


Rescuers are trained in all areas of rescue. Activities include responding to incidents, driving rescue vehicles, performing search and technical rescue duties, interacting with other public safety agencies, and assisting with non-rescue tasks to keep the organization running smoothly.


BES rescuers are required to attend a percentage of regular trainings on Monday nights and Saturday mornings. A BES rescuer can be time consuming and strenuous, but also extremely rewarding.

Adjunct Rescuer

Adjunct members are individuals with specialized skills who intend to supplement rescue operations in specific roles and capacities. Adjunct members are not eligible to be elected Chief or appointed to a Field Officer Position. Adjunct members are non-voting members.

If you are interested in being an adjunct rescuer you come with years of expertise and experience in one specific service we offer and you plan to only do that 1 service.

Search and Rescue Requirements
  • 18 years old

  • Legal resident of the US

Search and Rescue Application Process
  • To get Applicant Status

    • Turn in Application

    • Attend at least 15 meetings/trainings

    • Meet with Recruiting Supervisor

  • To get Candidate Status

    • Interview with current members

    • Vote by membership to Candidate Status

  • To get to Rescuer or Adjunct Status

    • Complete Candidate Academy

    • Complete 10 rescue calls

    • Complete Oral Board Evaluation

    • Vote by membership to Candidate Status

Non-Profit Business / Associate

BES is a non-profit, as BES is a business that must be maintained.  As such we are always looking for volunteers to help with:

  • Vehicle Maintenance or Vehicle Fleet Management

  • Accounting

  • Finance

  • Recruiting

  • HR

  • IT

  • Facility Maintenance

  • Marketing / Public Relations

  • Grant Writing

  • Fund Raising


If you are interested in volunteering on the business side along with being an adjunct member or Rescuer, you can do that.  Or, if you only want to volunteer on the business side, you can do that too.