Technical Rope Rescue


Rope rescue rigging is a technical skill set that supports a wide variety of other services including swiftwater rescue, vehicle extrication, and search and rescue in the urban/rural interface zones. Rope rescue provides the “last mile” segment of a larger BES response and is the activity that ultimately delivers patients to safety and medical care.

BES trains to national standards through certifying entities such as NFPA, Rigging for Rescue, Colorado Search and Rescue Association, and others.

BES rigging services:

  • Patient evacuation by litter in a variety of environments; uphill and downhill and non-technical or semi-technical terrain requiring different rope systems and different techniques for connecting the patient and attendants to the litter.
  • Kootenay style highlines for transporting patients via suspended litter.
  • Reeving style highlines for controlling swiftwater rescue craft.
  • Urban/rural interface zones and limited backcountry patient evacuation by wheeled litter.

BES maintains technical rope rescue expertise by resisting complacency and training regularly and with diversity to counter the inherent perishability of low frequency but high consequence rigging skills.