Search Management


BES provides missing person search management, wide area disaster search, and ground and aerial (including UAS) search for the Boulder County Sheriff Office (BCSO) in the unincorporated areas of Boulder County. BES also may be requested by BCSO to assist with evidence search on ground, air, or water in support of crime scenes.

BES trains to national standards through certifying entities such as the Colorado Search and Rescue Association and others.

BES search management services:

  • Missing person search and wide areas search management.
  • Search and ground navigation techniques and skills.
  • Application of technology, navigation tools, and software to track, map, and plan searches.
  • Operation of a mini-mobile search and rescue command and communications vehicle deployable in both urban and wilderness environments.
  • Evidence searches both in water and on land in support of law enforcement.

Changing technology, lost person behavior trends, and increases in large-scale disaster incidents requires our team to continue to up-level our skills and fund additional equipment.