Support Services


BES provides critical support at structure fires, hazmat incidents, fatal accident investigations, disaster or large-scale incidents with a need to manage vehicle traffic, and other situations where we supplement fire ground operations with critical support services.

BES trains with equipment vendors to ensure we are compliant with national safety standards and proper use of equipment. We are well-versed in the Incident Command System and fit in seamlessly with any field operation.

BES support services:

  • Provide air cascade to refill firefighter SCBAs and diver SCUBA bottles on scene.
  • Provide traffic control when necessary to maintain the safety of responders and the public.
  • Provide scene lighting for rescue calls, structure fires, evidence scenes, and more.
  • Provide firefighter rehab including food, water, and basic medical checks on fire scenes.
  • Provide support at large-scale or disaster incidents in support of law and fire agencies.

Equipment maintenance costs are high and managing vehicle traffic is one of the more dangerous activities we perform. Because of this, continuous training is essential to maintain situational awareness and reduce the risk to our volunteers.