BES provides technical extrication for victims trapped in vehicles, planes, trains, and urban disaster incidents. BES uses the latest extrication tools including battery-powered cutters and spreaders to reach victims more quickly and safely than traditional extrication equipment. BES trains team members to extrication standards that align with national standards as well as modern best practices for vehicle extrication including NFPA, AutoX, and others. We partner with fire and police departments to deliver safe, high-quality rescue services that they may not have the equipment or skills to perform themselves.

BES extrication services:

  • Stabilization, disentanglement and removal of victims from vehicle/plane/train entrapments as a result of highway and off-road accidents.
  • Stabilization, disentanglement and removal of victims trapped in industrial or farm settings.

Extrication is an equipment-heavy service and requires ongoing training and funds to maintain and enhance our extrication services.